Blue Front Amazon
    Large Mammals
        American Black Bear
    Medium Mammals
        Ring-tailed Lemur
        Two-Toed Sloth
        White Nosed Coati
    Crocodile Family
        American Alligator
        Bearded Dragon
        Blue-Tongued Skink
        Crocodile Monitor
        Leopard Gecko
            Ball Python (Royal Python)
            Eastern Diamond-back Rattlesnake
            Northern Coral Snake
            Pygmy Rattlesnake
            Gopher Tortoise

The Animals

Welcome to Our Animal Library! Here you will find information and photos on a wide variety of animals. All photos in our library are shots of our animals, zoo animals, or animals in other private facilities like ours. These photos are taken by our staff and are copyrighted to Vanishing Species Wildlife, Inc.

Our Goal

The internet has very few individual places to find accurate information on thousands of animals. Our goal is to establish the first library on the internet that has photographs and facts in plain english on at least 1000 animals..

Add an Animal

Is your favorite animal not listed in our library? You can now submit an animal fact sheet to our library. Include a bibliography (the sources of your information) and if your fact sheet is accurate, it will be included in our library along with your name!

Animals which Vanishing Species is currently adding include:

American Crocodile
Boa Constrictor
Green Iguana
Indian Monacle Cobra
Osceola Turkey
Spur-Thighed Tortoise
Water Monitor
White Tailed Deer

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